Brickfields Panorama
Kingsland Rd, Hackney London
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Kingsland road is one of the oldest roads in England. It is thought to follow the line of Ermine Street, the Roman road, which connected London with Lincoln and York. By 1745 it had taken the name of the settlement of Kingsland, which was sited approximately where Dalston Junction is today. The growth of London during the Georgian period, Victorian industry, the coming of the railways and 20th century mass housing have all transformed the road, as have countless ordinary residents and businesses.

To celebrate the life and times of Kingsland road and publicise its new status as a conservation area, the Building Exploratory co-ordinated a series of workshops, and after photographing the road, exhibited a 25 metre panorama. This resulted in the production of a photographic walking guide to the road and a multimedia CD-Rom. This is a taster of the CD-Rom, showing one short section of the road. To purchase either the walking guide or the actual CD-Rom click on the “Buy the Panorama’ button.

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