Boxes of different colours underline all the buildings on the photographic panorama. The box below each building contains its street number and the date it was built. The colour of each box is explained in the key - it refers to the historical period in which the building was built. Dates of individual buildings are based upon historical Ordnance Survey maps, local history research, local authority data on housing stock and surveys along the street. Data applies to buildings and not shop fronts, nor to later changes unless substantial rebuilding has taken place. Please let us know if you have any further information about dates or buildings along this street.

Info icon This icon when clicked opens to reveal historical information about the building or place that it appears above.
Camera icon This icon when clicked links to photographs from the archive.
Audio icon This icon when clicked links to audio commentaries by people who live and work along the road.
Georgian Georgian/Regency
Victorian Victorian
Pre-World War II Pre-World War II
Post World War II Post-World War II
1945- Present