A Day in the Life of a Victorian School game equivalent

This game is set in a Victorian school and the player is a pupil in the class of Mrs Higginbotham.

In the first part of the game the player has to make changes to six children so they are ready for class. The changes are to tidy their hair, clean their hands and polish their shoes. They also must be put in height order and girls and boys separated.

The object of the next part of the game is to find objects which do not belong in a Victorian classroom. When selected the objects change to the correct Victorian equivalent. The objects are a child’s drawing on the wall, an electric light, some biro pens, a radiator, a calculator and a wall mounted bell. Selecting these items earns points. The objects change to the following correct items; a portrait of Queen Victoria, windows, an ink pen, a stove, an abacus and a hand bell. When an object is selected a bonus question appears and answering this correctly earns extra points. There are also three objects which would appear in a Victorian classroom so selecting these loses the player points. These three objects are a vase of flowers, a map and a blackboard.

There is then an activity based around drill. The user must make a child perform drill exercises according to the on-screen instructions.

The next part of the game is an arithmetic lesson. On a slate the following sums appear; 4x3, 125-6 and 150 ? 3. The answers are 12, 119 and 50.

In the next part of the game the player must copy text and numbers into a copy book without making any mistakes.

The ‘Animal, Vegetable, Mineral’ part of the game is next. Here the player must chose which group objects belong to. The objects are a cotton reel, a coral necklace, a salt cellar, a steak, and a book. These are the groups they belong in; cotton reel - vegetable, coral necklace - animal, salt cellar - mineral, steak - animal, book –vegetable.

At the end of the game the teacher, Mrs Higginbotham, appears on screen and gives the player their marks. If they have done well they get a medal, if badly they have to stay behind and clean the slates.