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Queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901. This was a time of huge changes, not just in Great Britain, or even London, but in Hackney too.

Britain had been through an industrial revolution; for the first time things were mass produced in big factories rather than handmade in workshops or at home. But the industrial revolution had a negative side; terrible work conditions. Some people, called ‘social reformers’, campaigned to ease these terrible conditions, especially for children, and also to generally help the poor.

Lots of people moved to Hackney during this time and loads of houses were built. Before Victoria’s reign, in 1830, the area we know as Hackney was a series of villages separated by fields; by the end of her reign it was almost as built up as it is now. Many grand buildings such as Shoreditch Town Hall were built as people celebrated this triumphant age.

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A photograph of Queen Victoria.
A photograph of Queen Victoria.
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